The Wedding

Roy and I recently celebrated our two month anniversary!

It almost seems ridiculous to bother putting any pictures up now that we have been married for so long. But I just got them from our photographer yesterday, and I can't help myself- I want them up for those people who weren't able to be there.  In fact, I was only given a small portion of the pictures, (grumble) but the rest are on their way.  I think I'll stick with this post and be quick about it.
Looking at these pictures has made both Roy and I giddy looking back on the best day of our lives.

July 23, 2010

That morning I heard the circulating rumor that Roy was nervous.

He got over it...

The bridesmaids looked beautiful

And the weather was mind-blowingly perfect!

Nearly all of our favorite people were there.
(I wish I'd been sent group shots involving family that I could add)

The reception was gorgeous.  It truly had a fairy tale wedding feel.

Our friends were very happy for us.

And we were feeling pretty ridiculously happy too.

We cut the cake, made toasts with sparkling cider, threw the bouquet, and tossed the garter.

And there was lots of dancing!

As we left we had rice thrown at us... a little violently from some...

And all in all it was even better than whatever wedding I'd been dreaming about as a little girl.  Everything was perfect!  I wouldn't change a thing!  I felt so blessed to have so many friends and family travel all the way out for us.  I felt blessed to be entering such an amazing and awesome family.  But more than anything...
I felt blessed to have been sealed in the temple-- in the house of the Lord

At the right time, at the right place, to the right (and greatest) person.  

Now to go...

 live happily ever after...


alexfahey said...

OH YAY! I am glad these are finally here! They look great.

Adrian said...

Fabulous pics!! I am still slightly jealous that you got married in the Portland Temple! I always always always wanted to get married there (because I was born in Portland)! I'm glad the weather perfect! Everything looks perfect actually! Every anniversary, Dustin and I bust out our wedding album and go through every picture. Six years later, we still become giddy thinking about our own magical day! Can't wait to see more of your wedding pics!

Tanner and Chelsey said...

All the pictures are so gorgeous!! Im sad that we werent there. You look so happy and fabulous! I hope that you are finding married life wonderful. You are so beautiful and should be a bride model:) Thanks for the pictures, I love them all!

Us Egberts said...

looking at the pictures I don't know how I missed out on the real party! Beautiful to say the least....perfect for sure:)